The Skylark neighbourhood

Before Skylark, there was Buncton Manor Farm — first a farm, then a Bed & Breakfast, now a shared house open to a wide range of people. There were also, of course, skylarks hovering over nearly every field, singing their relentless songs.

Situated on the Wiston Estate, Buncton’s long history is evidenced in its 16th century facade and the ancient chapel in a field just behind.

These days, it’s a small, caring and intentional group of people living together and sharing a common goal of interdependent wellness. Two permanent hosts live on site, with an additional community of daytime volunteers. Those who join the house have found themselves in need somehow, from struggles with mental health to broken relationships.

So, why a coffee roastery? Day-to-day, Buncton residents share hospitality (cooking, cleaning, etc.), work roles (like growing at Rock Farm), and open times of reflection and self care. Roasting coffee (and bagging and shipping) is among a rage of roles available to help people move forward in exciting ways. It won’t be for everyone, but for some it’s just the ticket.

The community is open to a wide range of people, though not those needing high levels of professional support. Our Probat roaster spins just across the pond from the main house as part of the hive of activity. Anyone interested can email