Rwanda Shyira Washed

Red currant, Wildflower honey, Orange
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Shyira is a washing station owned by the Muraho Trading Co. who work closely with Raw Material, the importer who we bought this coffee from. We cupped with Mat from RM at a public cupping he put on with our pals Hard Lines in Cardiff and the Shyira coffees really stood out as delicious examples of what Rwandan coffee can taste like. We purchased two lots, one of them washed and the other one natural, and we’d highly recommend picking up a box of each and tasting them side by side as it’s a great way to get an understanding of the impact of processing on cup profile!

This lot is the washed, it’s clean and sweet but with a syrupy body and a fruit profile coffee that is rarely achieved by coffees outside of East Africa without more intensive processing This lot like most from Rwanda is a Red Bourbon, historically the government (specifically the National Agricultural Export Board or NAEB) has been very supportive but strict about farming giving out seedlings and fertilizer to farmers. More recently some loosening of legislation has led to farmers having access to other varietals but for the time being it’s still mainly all Red Bourbon! Rwandan Red Bourbon is known for a distinctive flavour profile, orangey, sweet and deep. 

Shyira washing station sits at 1850 metres above sea level so it is already quite high but the township and small holder farmers that it works with generally are working at even higher altitudes, generally in the region of 2000-2400 MASL. It also has a river which is channeled into the station to process coffee, all great conditions for growing and processing quality coffee. Since its construction in 2017 the station has been steadily improving and growing providing stability and growth to the local farmers. Raw Material give profits back to the producers they work with after green coffee is sold. 

For their washed lots they hand sort the coffee and then float to determine density removing under ripe as well as damaged cherries. Following this the cherries are pulped mechanically and then fermented in concrete fermentation tanks, on average for 12 hours. During this fermentation the parchment is foot stomped which helps encourage lower density parchment to float and helps remove any mucilage from the parchment. Following this the parchment is separated out into grades before a final wash. Following this the coffee is sorted to remove any defects and then dried over a period of 30 days  

Elevation: 2000  meters above sea level

Varietal: Red Bourbon 

Cup Score: 86

Price paid per kilo: £10.19