Colombia Linarco Rodriguez Natural

Strawberry Kombucha, Raw Sugar
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We are really enjoying bringing back some big juice-bombs to our offering list,  and this one is right at the top. It's got notes of Strawberry Kombucha and Raw Sugar. If you're looking for that classic Colombian Natural coffee with the big berry notes, and just a touch of that tart goodness, this is the one for you.

This is our first coffee brought in by the lovely folks at Caravela Coffee... They are a huge importing company with a great reputation, particularly with Colombian farmers. They're known for doing good solid research, having better transparency than most, paying farmers on time, and just generally being a solid importer. We're really pleased to add them to our list of importing partners! Here's some more info from them on Linarco and his farm:

Linarco Rodriguez and his farm El Diviso in Palestina, Huila have cultivated quite an amazing reputation over the last few years, and with good reason. Linarco’s family has owned and run the farm for over 25 years and runs it as what he describes as a “True family business” discussing each day's work over dinner and looking for improvements together. The majority of the farm work is done by Linarco, his mother, his sister, and his nephew. Linarco grew up in a coffee growing family and worked in coffee from a young age but studied business administration with a view to moving to a city and working in another industry. He decided to move back to the family business of coffee growing and has been very successful in applying his education to making sure the farm works financially. 

El Diviso and Linarco Rodriguez have both become big names in specialty over the last few years with high-profile roasters buying their coffee. On the farm they primarily grow Castillo, Caturra, Geisha, and Pink Bourbon, all of which grow well with the volcanic soil and high altitude (1700 metres above sea level). This coffee is a naturally processed Castillo. It has the big sugary note we love that’s found in a lot of Castillo and thanks to the amazing terroir and processing it has loads of big funky strawberries too.