Colombia Villamaria Natural Decaf

Cheerwine, Molasses, Raspberry Syrup
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We liked our Villamaria natural so much, we decided to buy a decaffeinated version of it! This isn't replacing our beloved El Carmen decaf (there would probably be riots if we stopped carrying that!), but we think it's a great additional offering for the decaf connoisseurs we know are in our audience. We've never carried a naturally processed decaf before, and we think this one tastes like Cheerwine (look it up), Molasses, and Raspberry Syrup. Delicious stuff, and you should definitely try it if you want an after-dinner sipper!

In Colombia, Raw Material raises quality and shelf-life through low-cost interventions within existing structures. They do this by creating systems to ensure consistency of large lots at a community level. This in turn enables reliable, stable and improved household incomes for smallholder farmers through a connection with roasters.

Their secondary focus is to shift the power dynamic in the coffee sector; as specialty becomes a norm, there are new opportunities for women to gain higher-income and higher-powered roles. The third area of focus is environmental; Colombia has a high average output per hectare, but this comes at the costs associated with mono-cropping and high-input farming techniques.

To improve household incomes, outcomes for women, and to encourage a shift towards more environmentally sustainable farming practices in Colombia, Raw Material:

  • Set up cupping labs, and focus training towards women in the community

  • Build and join community associations, invest in infrastructure and training to improve quality, and take their coffee to market.

  • Place QC staff and equipment at parchment buying points to improve consistency.

  • Consult wet mill operators and producers in-person on best practices.

  • Purchase for consistent prices based on what coffee costs to produce and what roasters are willing to pay to maximise profitability for producers.