Mexico Equimite Gesha Natural-Biodynamic

Raspberry Syrup, Watermelon, Jasmine
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We held our breath and took a plunge on this gorgeous Gesha! It was more than twice as expensive as the priciest coffee we'd ever bought before, but sometimes you have to spend to support good partners and get special things. Why is this coffee special, aside from tasting like raspberry syrup, watermelon, and jasmine? Let's get into why we think it's not only our best tasting coffee of the year, but the ethics of the thing are mega as well! We're also offering it in 125g bags to make it as accessible as possible!

1) it was the Mexican Barista Champion's coffee at the recent World championships... Edilberto Zapata made it to the semifinals using this coffee, and it's pretty unheard of for a Mexican coffee to make it that far! Based on flavour alone, this is worth the price of admission. 

2) Ensambles are one of our key importing partners now, and moving into the future. This coffee is from Gibran Cervantes' farm--he's the founder of Ensambles!

3) El Equimite is a special farm. Gibran converted together with his team a 32-hectare farm from conventional agriculture and grassland to organic and then biodynamic in 7 years and has earned the prestigious Demeter biodynamic certification for the past 6 years! El Equimite is also a private research centre for permaculture and specialty coffee. The knowledge and experience gained at this farm by Gibran and the team is passed on to other farmers through consulting, and also to the Ensambles field coordinators who go there for training about best practices to then transfer that to smallholders we work with across the country (Guerrero, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Veracruz). Buying this coffee helps subsidize the training of the farmers in Guerrero from we buy our Guerrero and Las Guerreras lots from.

All in all, we felt like if we were ever going to take the plunge on a coffee this expensive, all the pieces were in place on this one... We hope you'll enjoy it too!