Ethiopia Idido Natural

Pineapple, Earl grey, Orange
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No origin is closer to my heart (Micah speaking here) than Ethiopia. I've spent many a lovely month and year in the Motherland of coffee, and to my mind, no coffees are better. I cupped about 150 different lots from Ethiopia this year, and we are blowing out the budget with 15 different coffees from Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar, Jimma, and Guji. 

This coffee is the last of the 21-22 harvest Ethiopian coffees we purchased to hit our offer list before our new 22-23 harvests arrive. It's tasting really beautiful and showing how well Ethiopian coffees hold their flavour. We're really ending on a nice note with this one, a beautiful coffee from Yirgacheffe, one of the most renowned coffee growing regions in Ethiopia. We bought this coffee through Falcon, who we buy a lot of our Ethiopian coffees through and really enjoy working with. 

Idido is pretty nostalgic for me from years of drinking it from Counter Culture (specialty roaster in the US). It's a classic Yirgacheffe natural and the producer Nafkot Admasu has an amazing reputation. A legendary coffee from a legendary woman.

Nafkot Admasu owns a 0.5 hectare farm as well as a processing station where she employs 6 permanent workers and 35 seasonal workers during the harvest. The processing station specializes in producing natural coffees, which are generally better for the environment due to not requiring as much water, but also due to the greenhouse emissions from discarded decomposing coffee cherry. 

Nafkot's approach is very environmentally conscious throughout, growing a lot of shade trees such as false banana and avoiding the use of chemicals. Due to the scale of her farm it isn't financially viable to pay for certification, but the standards met on the farm would easily meet requirement criteria for organic certification. 

Elevation: 2150 Meters Above Sea Level

Varietal: Landrace

Cup Score: 87

Price paid per kg: £10.04

Process: Fully natural dried on African raised beds