Ethiopia Tomas Graraoma Natural

blueberry pie, milk chocolate
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We tend to source most of our Ethiopian coffees from Yirgacheffe, but this wasn't always the case... There was a time when coffees from Sidama were renowned for their syrupy nature and general juicy juice. This coffee hearkens back to those halcyon days of yore. Delicious notes of Blueberry Pie and Milk Chocolate in our opinion!

We sourced this coffee with help from our friends at Falcon Coffee. 

This lot comes from producer Tomas Graraoma from the Shantawane farm in the Bensa area of Sidama.

Tomas used to work for the government in the Bensa Woreda financial office before turning his attention to coffee farming after inheriting some producing land from his father. He has been cultivating coffee on his farm since 2011 and gained his export licence in 2020. Unlike most smallholders in the area, Tomas processes his coffee on his own drying station which gives him full control of the quality, from harvest through to storage.

He has a full time staff of just 3 and employs a further 40 during the harvest months of late September to the end of December. The main varietal Tomas grows is 74158. Coffee grows over a 4 hectare area under the canopy of native shade trees which keeps the soil fertile and rich in nutrients.