Rwanda Nyungwe Honey

Nectarine, Tangerine, Round
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The season of honey-processed coffee is apparently upon us here at Skylark! We typically favor full natural-processed over the intermediate processing option which is honey or pulped natural, but every so often there's a coffee that really shines as a honey, and this is the first of several we'll be releasing in the next few weeks. We think this has all of the lovely acidity and complexity of a good washed Kenyan coffee, but with added body from the Honey process. Notes of Nectarine and Tangerine will greet you over a thick and round body. A rare honey-processed coffee that fits into our "Green" category.

We sourced this coffee through Falcon coffees; Great partners and friends who partner with ourselves and Technoserve to promote sustainable livelihoods among African coffee farmers through the Stumping Project. Here's a bit more about the Nyungwe washing station from their info:

The Nyungwe washing station is located in Rwanda's Western Province, in the Nyamasheke District. The station itself is just outside of the small town of Tyazo. At 1776 metres, the station covers a tiny area of just 1.1 ha and was built in 2006. Rwanda Trading Company (RTC) gained ownership of that station in 2013. The management is overseen by Daniel Iryivuze with 5 full-time staff the year round and around 60 seasonal staff during the harvest months.

1039 smallholders contributed coffee to 2022's production of 186,000kgs of processed cherry. Thanks to RTC’s agribusiness training program, of which all farmers here are members, the station’s production has grown from 140,000kg of cherry processed annually to nearly 200,000kgs a year. All farmers are using organic fertiliser and expanding their farms in 2022 with seedlings distributed by RTC’s field officers. A rich volcanic soil, sunshine, and rain make this area very productive for growing high-quality coffee. 

Nestled in the hills surrounding the Nyungwe forest are the farms supplying coffee to Nyungwe. The Nyungwe natural forest leads to regular rainfall all year long, and with the high elevation, the region produces the best coffee cups from Rwanda.