Summertime Blend

Lemonade, Strawberry, Flowers
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We're rolling out a couple of late-summer blends, which we're hoping brings the good weather and good vibes back to the UK for a couple more months. :) The other is our Cold Brew blend which is a chocolatey, malty delight... This one is the fancy boi for the people who like fruity, floral, citrusy iced pourovers. It's a blend of our best washed Ethiopian and a crazy good wine process natural Ethiopian. If you'd like to try it iced, we recommend brewing it as a concentrated pourover with a 1:10 ratio over ice so it chills immediately. It will taste like walking through a flower garden with a punnet of fresh strawberries in one hand and a glass of lemonade in the other....... Actually why am I sitting here writing this without a tall frosty one of these in hand? Be right back after I brew one! 

Ok, needless to say this is tasty hot as well, and if you want to try it along with our Cold Brew blend, here's a bundle to buy them both along with a Summertime Skylark Stickerpack from our very own Em of @lemonydoodles!