Skylark Summertime Stickerpack/Blend Pack

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Skylark seems to employ as many artists as coffee professionals, so it seemed silly not to let the team showcase their skills. We could not be prouder to announce our first stickerpack, courtesy of our very own in-house artist/social media/coffee packing extraordinaire @lemonydoodles_ 

Em did all of this original artwork based on Skylark's goals of being kind and ethical toward everyone in our supply chain and coffee community. All proceeds from the sticker sales will go to support Pro Baristas, our sibling charity project that's focussed on inclusivity and sustainable livelihoods. We think they're incredibly fun stickers, and we are so thankful to have such talented artists on our team.

You can buy them on their own, or as a discounted pack with one or both of our Summertime or Cold Brew blends!