Ethiopia Alaka Wine Process Natural

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We tend to source most of our Ethiopian coffees from Yirgacheffe, but this wasn't always the case... There was a time when coffees from Sidama were renowned for their syrupy nature and general juicy juice, and this one is from the border of Harrar, which is renowned for wild floral notes... Long story short, this coffee is possibly the most complex Ethiopian of the year. Part of that is down to the "Wine" process, which is essentially an Anaerobic fermentation in sealed stainless steel bright tanks. This coffee tastes like the best Harrari you might remember from 20 years ago when they were in their heyday. A flower-filled, melony, tropical experience. Get it while it's still here.

We sourced this coffee with help from our friends at Falcon Coffee, and it's an amazing story how this farm came to be:

In 1934, a woman named Muluemebet Emiru became Africa's first female pilot. For her bravery, the Ethiopian was rewarded by Emperor Haile Selassie: she was given lush farmland with wild coffee trees in the Harar and Sidamo regions. With the help of her family, she developed the farmland of Harar into a private coffee plantation. Since those early days, the family developed a deep connection to the country and so it is not surprising that this connection is still continued today - decades later - by their grandson Aman. He is the founder of a production and export company for Ethiopian coffee: Metad. Hambela Alaka (part of Metad) is a forward-looking farm with a holistic approach that extends from its farming practices to its workers, for whom housing and medical care are provided. In addition, Metad invests part of its profits in initiatives to build primary schools, hospitals and wells as a source of drinking water.