Elmer Tineo Natural

Squidgy Strawberries, Raspberry Framboise
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We're delighted that our lovely customers like the same sorts of coffees that we do... This gives us license to buy an unnatural amount of funky natural coffees that we well and truly dig. This is the first top-end natural we've tasted from Peru, so we just had to have it along with its notes of Squidgy Strawberries and Raspberry Framboise. Sweet, tart, boozy, and perfect for a daily drinker... Just the way we like it.

We sourced this coffee through our friends at Falcon Coffee who have completely re-written the rules on working directly with producers in Peru and ensuring additional payments make it all the way back to the farmers.

Elmer Tineo Mendoza is a first-generation coffee farmer and is the owner of around 10 hectares of land. Although he owns the farm, it is separated out into thirds which he has given to three of his children. Elmer's son, Elvis, manages the process and drying of the coffee and Elmer carries out most of the picking, coordinating temporary staff and general farm work and crop management. This year Elmer and Elvis have started to process natural coffee, based on the fact that they have some land at medium (1600masl) altitude and this required extra processing to reach higher cup scores. With financial support from Falcon Peru, Elmer and Elvis were able to build a new parabolic dryer, which has greatly improved the quality of their lots and the production capacity of naturals.