Guatemala Aracely Perez Washed

Red Apple, Green Grape, Green Tea
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Having women coffee producers on our offer list is always a delight. Coffee farm ownership is heavily male-dominated, although this is slowly improving bit by bit. We're thrilled to have both this Guatemalan coffee, and our Peru Luz Mely Sanchez representing excellent female producers from South/Central America. This was our favourite washed Guatemala out of the dozens we cupped this year... It's a classic profile of Red Apple, Green Grape, and Green Tea. If you're a washed coffee lover, this one will tick all the boxes for you.

We brought on a few new coffee-importing partners this year, and Primavera are synonymous with Guatemalan coffee. We bought 3 different lots from them this season; a washed, a honey, and a natural... We think these three lots brilliantly represent what Guatemala has to offer this year. You can read more about Aracely and her family below.

Aracely lives with her parents and siblings in Aldea Com, and it was her father who taught her all about growing coffee from a young age. When he passed along this small parcel to Aracely, she decided to continue producing coffee along with her family members. This parcel is located a long way from the home, so Aracely and her family depulp the coffee on the parcel right after picking. This also makes it easier to spread the pulp on the plants as an organic fertilizer.

What does the future hold? This farm has been in Araceli’s family for years, and her grandfather is the one who chose the name Sachibal, a Popti Mayan word.

“As a woman coffee grower, sometimes it’s more complicated to do all the activities needed to produce the coffee. But my family helps me and that’s how we’re able to keep up with the coffee farms. The biggest difficulty is the distance between our home and this parcel of land; the costs of production are higher for us due to this distance. In spite of this, we are still working to improve our coffee and offer a high quality product.”