Brazil Fazenda Fortaleza Natural

Milk Chocolate, Maraschino, Nougat
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There's something quite comforting about a Brazilian coffee — particularly one from Cerrado, where the most consistent coffees in the world are grown. These are the sort of daily drinking coffees that you remember from your childhood and still stand up as an adult. We find this coffee to have notes of Milk Chocolate and Maraschino cherries with a creamy and nougat-y body. 

We sourced this coffee from a farm our roaster visited four years ago with help from our friends at Ally Coffee.

Ariovaldo Bonfim’s farm, Fortaleza, is located in the city of Patrocínio, Minas Gerais, in the Cerrado Mineiro growing region of Brazil. Born and raised in the state of Paraná, he and his family relocated here in 1987 seeking better climate conditions for coffee production. The relocation came with its own challenges though, proving that a lack of skilled labor and machinery resources still made farming difficult. It wasn’t until commercializing their process that they were able to increase their production levels and eventually expand their crop.

Within Cerrado there are many microregions that present unique characteristics in the cup. The Chapadão de Ferro microregion, where Ariovaldo’s farm can be found, is a small town with farms situated around the cone of a partially formed volcano. Farms here are at higher elevations above 1100 meters and coffee is harvested a month or two later than in other parts of Cerrado Mineiro.

Today, Ariovaldo farms with the help of his wife and children, cultivating 5 hectares of coffee on their 5.5 hectare property. They produce several varieties here, including Red and Yellow Catuai, Arara, and Acaia, totalling 330 bags annually. This lot is a Natural process Acaia coffee. Acaia is a cultivar closely related to Mundo Novo, and produces large cherries and seeds.