Cold Brew Blend

Guinness, malt, chocolate
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We've never done a cold brew blend at Skylark, but we got inspired by our good friend Tim at Cherry Coffee Training to do one this summer! He flagged to us how good our Acacia and Peru Luz Mely Sanchez tasted as a cold brew together. We figured we could do something really similar, but include our Mexico Guerrero for an ethical sourcing blendstravaganza! This is pure 50/50 Acacia and Guerrero, and they're two of our most important coffees of the year... They also taste flipping fantastic as a cold brew. It's like the coffee version of Guinness: Particularly if you nitrogenated the cold brew (not at all necessary, but very fun). Your cold brew method could be as simple as leaving this blend overnight in the fridge in a cafetiere, and your results will be chocolatey, malty, smooth, and delicious.  

By the way... It tastes delicious brewed hot as well. Just saying. You can also buy it with our summertime stickerpack, designed by our very own @lemonydoodles_ or if fancy floral and fruity coffees are your bag, try our Summertime blend.