Ethiopia Guji Hambela Natural

Honeydew Melon, Bergamot
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Yet another super delicious Ethiopian Natural from Guji in the Oromia Region of Southern Ethiopia. Saying that it's worth noting that as the coffee industry continues to grow and Ethiopia continues to develop and change, historic growing regions don't always accurately match up with Ethiopia's current day maps. Below we’ve included a link to an article from our importer for this coffee ally which gives a good overview of Ethiopians growing regions. 

This coffee was grown by smallholder farmers in and around the Buku village who then harvested the cherry and sold them at the Buku washing station where they were processed. As with most coffees in the region they were hand sorted on tarps and then sorted again by floating to separate based on density and then dried on raised beds. Once on beds they are picked through to take out broken beans, underripe cherries as well as various defects. Much of this initial sorting needs to happen quite quickly as it becomes difficult to distinguish between cherries once they have dried to a uniform dark purple. During drying they are turned regularly to manage humidity.