Ethiopia Buku Hurufa Natural

Red Bush Tea, Dragon fruit, White peach
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 This coffee comes from the Buku Hurufa washing station in Hambela, Guji which was built in 2020. Like many Ethiopian washing stations they primarily buy cherry from small hold farmers who typically have less than two hectares of coffee trees. Their focus is somewhat unusual in that they process a lot of those cherries as Anaerobic Naturals, and Naturals but very few washed coffees. The reason for this is largely down to a shift in the wants of the market with big bold fruit forward coffees being increasingly popular with the specialty market. It is also advantageous as naturally processed coffees use less water and create fewer emissions.

The region of wider Hambela Guji is world renowned for exceptional coffee, thanks to excellent crop stock, exceptionally high altitudes (in the region of 2100 meters above sea level) and highly skilled growers and processors. As we think is probably obvious from our line up of coffees we're just crazy about Ethiopian coffee here at Skylark and we're excited to release this one as one of our last special releases before the Christmas break. Big thanks to the team at Sucafina for sourcing this coffee. 

Elevation: 2200 Meters Above Sea Level
Varietal: Heirloom
Cup score: 88.5
Price paid per kg: £10.30
Process: Fully natural on raised African beds