Ethiopia Danche Red Honey

Bergamot, Orange blossom, Starfruit, Melon
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We're all pretty excited about this coffee at Skylark HQ. The flavour profile is really unique, with big ripe stone fruit notes and amazing florals, we're getting bergamot, orange blossom, star fruit and melon but beyond that it's one of those cups that keeps you going back revealing more and more layers of flavour as you drink it and in particular as it cools. 

Honey process coffees are unusual from Ethiopia as technically the ECX (Ethiopian Coffee Exchange) don't meet the assessment criteria to be exported, that's why this coffee had to be exported as a washed coffee. 

This coffee was produced by smallholder producers in the Worka Chelbesa kebele, or village, and was processed at one of SNAP’s wet mills in the kebele operated by Negusse Debela. Negusse operates two sites now in Worka Chelbesa, including this one in the Danche sub-area, and processes Washed, Natural, and unique experimental lots in an effort to continue improving the quality of their final product.

Worka Chelbesa is located in Gedeb woreda, which is the southernmost part of the Gedeo zone. The area is known for its dense semi-forest vegetation, including ensete trees and other shade plants, providing ideal conditions for shade-grown coffee.

Local farmers grow Wolisho and Dega variety coffee, which are landrace varieties from the Yirgacheffe region. Cherries are manually harvested before being taken to the processing station where they are hand sorted before being processed. The sorted cherries are then pulped and dried on raised beds until reaching their ideal humidity. All coffee is hand sorted a final time after drying before being prepared for export.

This coffee was sourced from SNAP Specialty Coffee. SNAP was established in 2008 by Negusse Debela in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. The company operates three washing stations in the Gedeo zone, and are partnered with additional washing stations in Guji and West Arsi. Ally who we sourced this coffee through began their partnership with SNAP in 2022.