Coffee and landscapes: Why we support rewilding at Knepp

There's traditional nature conservation, and then there's rewilding.

We support the Knepp Wildland Project with some of our profits because they're demonstrating astounding wildlife repair for some of our most pressing climate problems. The philosophy is simple: let go and allow nature to take over, learning as you go. Knepp are famous for beavers, purple emperor butterflies and nightingales, and when you buy Skylark coffee you are supporting Knepp directly.

Specifically, we (and you) are helping to fund Knepp’s emerging priorities: to develop landscape-scale rewilding across Sussex with the Weald to Waves corridor; to spread the knowledge to a wide audience; and to educate the next generation of ecologists.


 Witness some of what they've achieved already on the Knepp Estate in West Sussex:

• A 79% increase in nightingale territories.

• The largest UK colony of purple emperor butterflies and a tripling number of other varieties.

• Extremely rare species of fungi proliferating.

• 13 of the 17 breeding species of bats in the UK now found on site - including the 2 rarest in Europe.

• Over 1,800 invertebrate species recorded.

This is transformative nature repair work saving native wildlife and you should definitely go see it if you can.

You can support them regularly with a Skylark subscription — we guarantee that £1 per kilo of coffee sold goes to nature conservation and coffee producing communities. You can also donate to the nature charity directly.

Coffee has everything to do with landscapes, both local and global.