We find and roast extraordinary coffee, paying extra to conserve nature (including skylarks) and empower growers.

Skylark pays top specialty prices for amazing coffees, then donates another £1 per kilo to support both the environment and the people long exploited by coffee supply chains. We don’t compromise on quality, and 100% of our income supports charity projects.

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To be truly special, we think specialty coffee needs to taste superb while radically including the marginalised. Skylark roasts at the foot of the South Downs and supports job training, permaculture farming and other social projects with all of our profits. Here’s a taste of what we’re doing:

  • The Story of Stable

    I’m trying to recreate memories as coffees when I create a blend. Stable blend is designed to be the best daily espresso we can achieve. It’s my attempt to recreate one of my favourite espresso experiences of all time. 
  • Complexity in Blending

    We have a LOT of love for blends. At their best, they’re one of the only truly creative things a roastery can do with their coffee. Equally, they’re misunderstood by consumers, and misused by so many in the specialty industry in particular. We’ll be doing a week-long soak on this topic with several more articles to come, but this one is the primer that introduces my thoughts on how blending is often (sadly) done, and what blending can be at its best.