Myanmar Pha Yar Gyi Kone Natural

Chocolate, Cranberry, Macadamia
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This is our second ever release from Myanmar and our first natural. We’re hoping to buy more excellent coffees from Asia, and thanks to our importer friends at Indochina we’re confident that we’ll be doing just that. This coffee was produced by smallholder farmers in and around Pha Yar Gyi Kone Village who are part of the Shwe Taung Thu Farmers Group. The farmers group whose name translates to ‘Golden Farmer’ name each community lot after the village where it was grown and processed. The focus in Pha Yar Gyi Kone village is on producing natural coffees as the dry heat during the harvest is ideal for this. Around 200 households in the village collaborated on producing this coffee and some of the profits from selling it went towards the local school.

Elevation: Various
Varietal: Heirloom
Cup score: 87
Price paid per kg: £9.65
Process: A fully washed and a sundried natural.
Both dried on raised African beds.