Peru Guayaquil Washed

Dark chocolate, Brazil nuts, Hobnobs
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This coffee is so comforting, it's great as an espresso, through milk and is delicious and does make a really good filter coffee as well for those that like a more full bodied chocolatey coffee. We're getting notes of Dark Chocolate, Brazil Nuts and Hobnobs. 

The El Guayaquil farm is a 3-hectare coffee plantation located in the Chirinos district of Cajamarca, Peru, at an altitude of nearly 1,800 meters above sea level. The farm is run by producer Cleyder and his family, who have over 20 years of coffee farming experience.

The coffee trees on the farm are grown under a canopy of shade trees, with approximately 60 trees per hectare. The trees provide a habitat for local wildlife while also protecting the coffee plants. Organic fertilizers made from guano and compost are used to nourish the soil.

During the harvest months of June through October, Cleyder employs six additional workers to help pick the ripe cherries by hand. The coffee is then washed and soaked in water for 16 hours before being sun dried on raised beds for 25-30 days. The beans are constantly moved and partially shaded during drying to prevent overexposure to direct sunlight.

Once dried, the green coffee is stored in plastic in our warehouse. Here the coffee is assessed for quality and scored on its flavor profile. Falcon Peru aims to pay farmers 30% above the standard local price for higher quality lots as an incentive to produce specialty grade coffee.

Finally, the beans are transported to a dry mill called Café Selva Norte for sorting before being bagged and shipped out of ports on the Peruvian coast. The extra care in micro-lot separation and processing helps preserve the unique characteristics of this single-farm coffee.

The Chirinos district is well-regarded for its coffee production, with high altitudes and old Arabica varieties that produce flavorful beans. While many farmers still sell to middlemen at low prices, there is a growing specialty coffee movement in the region. Small investments in quality and connecting with specialty buyers could significantly improve livelihoods for Chirinos coffee growers like Cleyder.

Elevation: 1800 Meters Above Sea Level
Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor
Cup score: 83
Price paid per kg: £6.38
Process: Fully washed, processed and screened
for defects at Falcon’s central processing.