Stable Blend

Chocolate, Cherry, Bakewell
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Read more about the origins of Stable Blend in our blog post!

Our Stable Blend pays homage to our humble beginnings in the horse stables at Buncton Manor Farm where our roastery first resided-- however, the name also nods to the stability of flavours we aim for in this coffee blend. The constituent coffees change depending on what's in season, but the taste and body remains as Stable as possible. Currently, we're balancing 1/3 each of our Acacia Natural with a Natural Colombian coffee from Siracusa and our Brazil Santa Rosa. Expect Chocolate and Cherry Bakewell flavour notes.

Why did we go for these flavour notes? Let's take a trip down memory lane. The year is 2012 and our roaster Micah was just a baby barista at a small independent shop in South Carolina. He took a trip 3 hours south to Atlanta to visit a locally famous shop called Octane, and had one of those espresso experiences that stay with you for the rest of your life... An espresso blend pulled so perfectly that it had flawless body, sweetness, and clarity of flavours. The kind of espresso that's so good you order a second just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and a third just for the pure enjoyment. 

That's the experience that our Stable blend hopes to recapture. It's primarily designed to be a killer espresso or blend harmoniously in a milky coffee, but it works brilliantly as filter as well if you want something rounded, full, and sweet.