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The Clever Coffee Dripper is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that's good for busy cafes or home brewers who want to find the middle ground between a full immersion brewer (for example a Cafetiere) and a pour over (v60, Kalita). 

What makes this equipment unique is that once you add hot water, the coffee brews whilst resting on the filter paper; it only begins to filter when you place it on your cup; when it’s removed, the coffee stops dripping.  

• Includes: Tritan BPA free plastic Clever Coffee Dripper with removable lid, coaster

• Capacity: IT fits up to 550mls but we've had our best results with between 300-450 ml 
for which we'd recommend 20-30g of coffee (1g of coffee to 15ml of water). We'd recommend a brew time of 4 minutes to start with but definitely good to play around with leaving the coffee for different amounts of time and seeing what you like. Everyone's taste is a bit different!

This does not include filters. We recommend the Moccamaster number 4 filters which work perfectly.