Ethiopia Odaco Natural

Jasmine, Red currant
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This lot is one of two we’re releasing, both bought through importer Falcon and one of their Ethiopian export partners Daye Bensa. This one is specifically from member farmers from the Shantawene area and the Gatta Daye Bensa Farm. All located around Odako Kebele, Shantawene in Sidama Bensa. The coffee really jumped out when we cupped it as one of those ones that has two really big clear flavours, jasmine and red currant. Pretty perfect flavours to find in a coffee at the start of Spring! So we’re pretty happy about it!

A big part of Daye Bensa’s work as the exporter and operator of the washing station is tracking different lots, keeping track of different cherries received and separating them by the village (or Kebele) they come from. This tracking involves meticulous labelling, monitoring and storage, making note of delivery dates, lot sizes, farm names, lot numbers etc. It is a lot of work! Daye Bensa have a really good reputation in the region for ethical and qualititive practices. They pay around 3 times as much for coffee cherry as the national average (around 25 Ethiopian birr/ kg of cherry (35p).  For this season (22/23) the farmers were paid between 70-80 Ethiopian Birr/ kg of cherry (98p - £1.12) with an additional off season payment of 3-5 Birr/kg (4-7p) these prices sound very low but are actually better than those paid at a lot of Ethiopian washing stations. Additionally it is important to note that the conversion of ripe cherry to parchment through the process of producing coffee for export means that 5-6 kilos of cherry are needed to produce 1 kilo of green.

Elevation: 2000 -2200 Meters Above Sea Level
Varietal: Heirloom
Cup score: 88.5
Price paid per kg: £13.56
Process: Fully natural on raised African beds