Thailand Sirinya Honey

Papaya, Matcha, Agave
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This is the first coffee we’ve ever bought from Thailand and we’re excited to release it! This one is just a tiny volume, one half bag (30kilos) so we don’t expect it to hang around very long. We bought this coffee from Indochina an importer that specialises in Asian coffees, we’re excited to be working with Indochina and with their help some really exciting coffee farmers.

Sirinya Coffee is a coffee company, it is not only a coffee farm but also a roastery and a coffee shop all located in the mountains within the Chiange Rai province. The business is currently led by couple: Oil and Goh Chaosuwanwilai who are passionate about helping their local community, stewardship of the land and also pursuing excellence in all aspects of coffee! 

The region was historically known for production of Opium, with poppy’s being grown there for it’s production for over 100 years. A combination of government and NGO initiatives have encouraged moving production away from Opium and over to coffee instead. These initiatives were so successful that by 1980 the drop in poppy cultivation was very significant, leading to Thailand being seen as a successful model for alternative development. 

Today Goh and Oil build on the 40+ years of coffee growing in the region by bringing knowledge and expertise in all aspects of specialty coffee. From the soil health and organic farming methods, to post harvest processing, milling and even roasting and brewing. It really is an end-to-end coffee company and the quality of this honey process coffee (honey process coffees in tropical climates being notoriously difficult to produce) stands as testament to their good work!

Elevation: 1450 meters above sea level

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra and Catimor

Cup Score: 86

Price paid per kilo: £16 per kg