Murmuration Blend

Apricot, Lychee, Bergamot
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Our Murmuration blend is a perfect duet of coffees flying in unison to uplift the soul and spirit. Two coffees and two different processes (washed and natural), but both from Ethiopia. It's a blend as old as time in the specialty coffee world, but a classic for a reason. The washed coffee (currently our Ayiso Lemi) brings pleasant stone fruit acidity and some floral notes, while the natural (currently the Kabira) brings body and sweetness to the blend. If you love Ethiopian coffees and enjoy delicious and complex cups, give it a go and revel in notes of Citrus, Summer Berries, and Floral. We love it as filter, but also love to make espressos out of it.

Elevation: Various
Varietal: Heirloom
Cup score: 87
Price paid per kg: £9.65
Process: A fully washed and a sundried natural. Both dried on raised African beds.